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Harts Ladder Image

Hart's Ladder of Youth Participation

Hart's Ladder provides an easy way to evaluate the quality of youth participation in any project. Using Hart's Ladder ca...
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Unconditional Positive Regard

Carl Rogers - Unconditional Positive Regard    by Saul McLeod, updated 2014     Carl Rogers (1902-1987) was a humanistic...
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in the air

Youth Work that is of Value

Youth Work that is of Value: Towards a Model of Best Practice      Bruce, J., Boyce, K., Campbell, J., Harrington, J., M...
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Creating Therapeutic Environments pic

Creating Therapeutic Environments

Development needs are met by ensuring the experiences have few dictated rules, a larger amount of negotiated space and a...
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Kevins Story Pic

Development Through Situational Leadership

How do we create opportunities for this development to happen? What role do we have at each stage in development of indi...
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Restorative Practices

Wachtel and McCold (2001), in restorative justice literature, refer to as the social discipline window, which connects s...
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Johnnys Story pic

Power Differences in Relationships

The figure below outlines two types of relationships that young people, encounter in our society as they (consciously an...
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Te Kōtahitanga Project

In 2003, an extensive educational research project based out of Waikato University in Aotearoa/New Zealand titled Te Kōt...
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Circle of Courage Pic

Circle of Courage

The central theme of this model is that a set of shared values must exist in any community to create an environment that...
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Traditional vs Positive Youth Development

Below is a comparison between a strength based approach and a traditional approach.     The ‘positive youth developmen...
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