Traditional vs Positive Youth Development

Below is a comparison between a strength based approach and a traditional approach.


Traditional vs Positive Youth Development pic


  • The ‘positive youth development approach’ tries to counterbalance the assumption that adolescents are in danger of being broken, or in a time of “stress and storm” as often quoted by adults when discussing adolescence.

  • Instead, the PYD approach is one where young people are seen as developing individuals, who display considerable assets and are able to be guided to become constructive contributors to society.

  • While deficits may exist, it is the goal of positive youth development to fill the gaps. This idea is in stark contrast to the perspective of focusing on “fixing the problem”.

  • Both the Traditional Youth Services approach and the Positive Youth Development approach have benefits and a role to play in our communities.

  • For those organisations based on the traditional model there is ample opportunity to innovate by seeking to incorporate more proactive, strength focussed, community lead responses into their operating model.


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