Twelve Theses for Community Development

Community Forum of Fijian YMCA


The following 12 concepts created by a range of community development organisations provide thought provoking insights into this topic;

  1.  People are more important than things, the person is more important than the activity.

  2. Growth comes from within each person.

  3. People grow in responsibility as they are helped to accept responsibility.

  4. Learning becomes most relevant when it is built into a life experience.

  5. The best place for training for the community’s gain takes place in the community.

  6. Community leaders know, better than others, their problems and the solutions that will work for their communities.

  7. There are under-utilised skills and resources in each community waiting to be harnessed and used.

  8. The pace of change will be largely determined by the community, a particular change will become permanent only when the community is ready.

  9. The energy divested by the community in community action will be in proportion to the involvement of the community in the planning.

  10. Communities are best served by integrated development methods rather than departmentalised units that work in isolation.

  11. The most effective agent to act as a helper is someone who strongly identifies with the community and who develops/has a relationship based on trust and respect.

  12. Too much help leads to dependency; people should only be helped to enable them to become more self reliant.

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