We are a pro-interactive grant maker

What we do

The Wayne Francis Charitable Trust is no ordinary trust.

We are a pro-interactive grant maker investing in initiatives to nurture, grow and empower children and young people in New Zealand with Greater Christchurch being the priority geographical community of interest.

How we work

We work with local and central government, community groups, youth advisors, education and research institutions, and funding agencies to ensure we can continue to help meet the needs of young people in Greater Christchurch.  

We work with stakeholders in each of our funding areas to work out what we'll fund.  We don’t have a contestable fund, like many other trusts do.  We prefer to take a more proactive and interactive approach to our funding and with the organisations we work with.  

Our funding areas

We broadly work within 2 areas –  the youth sector (0-25 years) and cancer research

Within the youth sector, we are focused on specific issues within housing, education, the early years, and the development of the youth sector.  

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